Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship (IACS)

Fully Funded Program Offered to Explore Wonderful Indonesia!

Based on the latest research conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture, it is revealed that Indonesia has around 250 tribes which each of them, amazingly, has a different culture and language! Do you want to know how Indonesians manage all of it? Are you interested in learning a few of those languages, dances or arts while exploring the beautiful land of Indonesia, here is your chance!

Indonesia, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2013 has been offering to foreigners and Indonesians a fully funded art and culture program, slash cultural scholarships. The aim is to introduce the world Indonesian cultures and to help youth understand the tolerance in a diverse environment. So, anyone from anywhere can apply, as long as you meet the requirements.

This must be wonderful news for everyone. Especially for you, young people aged 21-27 years old who are open-minded and have great respect for diversity in the world. If you are still in a high school, no worries, you have another chance next year or the year after it and after again, as once more this is an every year program.

IACS 2019 covers a round trip flight tickets, accommodation, tuition fee, local transportation and monthly allowance in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) which is almost everything that you need to enjoy this wonderful country. The program itself, as planned, will run for 3 months from April to June 2019.

Herewith, for further information, we attached the official written information about the program IACS 2019 and Registration form 2019.

For our foreigner friends, you have to deliver the documents needed to the Indonesian Embassy in your country or Indonesian Consulate in your city, the latest on 1st November 2018. Those who are residing in Belgium and Luxembourg can reach the Indonesian Embassy for Belgium and Luxembourg at Avenue de Tervuren 294, 1150 Woluwe St Pierre, Brussel.

And for our Indonesian brothers and sisters, you have to send the documents to Kementrian Luar Negeri by 11 November 2018. (Yana)

Semoga beruntung! Good luck! Veel succes! Bonne chance!

Source: KBRI Belgia dan Luksemburg, Publikasi Data Kemendikbud 


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